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The construction process of building a new home involves two key phases:

1. Pre-construction phase.

This phase includes drawing of the plans, finalising contracts, securing finance and obtaining a building permit and planning approvals.

This period takes approximately 16 weeks, depending on the size of the design chosen.

2. Construction phase.

This is the actual building of your new home, and takes approximately 26 weeks from the time the concrete slab has been poured.

As construction gets underway, one of our dedicated customer service managers will be appointed to you. This person is responsible for all communications during the building process.

We suggest to record the details of all communications you have during the construction of your home. These records will provide a good source of reference if there is any need to refer back to them during the building process.

At this time, you will also be introduced to your building supervisor who will carry out a pre-start inspection of your land. This person will discuss matters relative to the site, works and safety.

Practical completion

Practical completion means that the building works have reached the stage where we certify that all works have been completed in accordance with the building contract.


Shortly after practical completion, we’ll hand over the keys to your new home once final payment has been made.

At handover, we provide a copy of all relevant warranties and certificates arising from the contract. You will be taken on a tour of your home and shown how everything works and what you have to do to maintain it.

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