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At Arden, we pride ourselves on acquiring the necessary knowledge needed to guide our customers through the design process when building in a new estate. We work with many new community developers to ensure we have a thorough understanding of their design guideline requirements.

The majority of new residential communities come with a specific set of design guidelines.

These are not intended to restrict design or development, but rather to provide guidance, enhance the quality of and achieve consistent design outcomes for the estate. In other words, developers create design guidelines to achieve a certain look and feel or to enhance the natural environment.

If you’re thinking about building in new estate, certain design guidelines may be included as restrictive covenants in your land contract.

This basically means that they are non-negotiable. A covenant might only allow single storey homes to be built and/or restrict the type of building materials that can be used.

Design guidelines will usually be included in a contract of sale and also provided when you get close to purchasing your block of land. Your land sales consultant will explain the guidelines in detail and discuss the design options available to you.

In addition, Arden has an in-depth understanding of the guidelines and which designs in our range will meet the required standards.

Design guidelines are usually attributed to:

  • Orientation
  • Architectural style
  • Landscaping, fencing and tree protection
  • Corner lot treatment
  • Sustainability
  • Setbacks
  • House size

Always build to exact specifications

When building with Arden Homes, we manage the process for obtaining approval of plans on your behalf. We always build your home to the exact specifications of the plans approved by the estate’s Design Review Panel to ensure that you will never be in breach of contractual obligations.

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