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What are design guidelines?

At Arden, we pride ourselves on acquiring the necessary knowledge needed to guide our customers through the design process when building in a new estate. We work with many new community developers to ensure we have a thorough understanding of their design guideline requirements. The majority of new residential communities come with a specific set […]

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Glossary – building terminology

Act A set of rules that has been passed by Parliament, received Royal Assent and become law. Architrave A moulded section covering the joint between window and door frames and the wall lining. Asset protection Provides cover for any damage incurred to council assets during demolition and construction. Balance of deposit Represents the remaining amount […]

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FAQs – Knockdown and Rebuild

What are the benefits of knocking down and rebuilding? There are many reasons why building on your existing site is a great option, for example: You don’t have to worry about house hunting or dealing with real estate agents. There are no stamp duty costs involved. You continue to live in the area you love, […]

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Construction finance

What is construction finance? Construction finance is a specific type of loan required when building a new home (including knocking down and rebuilding). Why you need it A construction loan is used during the building process as it allows you to draw down funds in stages as your new home is being built. Loan funds […]

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10 benefits of building with Arden Homes

Arden Homes builds outstanding individual homes for buyers wanting to step up to a new level in design, inclusions and value. Our promise to each customer is to partner with them to create their dream home – without the expense of engaging an architect or designing from scratch. 1. A partner for each customer Arden […]

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