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What are the benefits of knocking down and rebuilding?

There are many reasons why building on your existing site is a great option, for example:

  • You don’t have to worry about house hunting or dealing with real estate agents.
  • There are no stamp duty costs involved.
  • You continue to live in the area you love, close to family and friends.
  • Minimal disruption to your family – no moving of schools.
  • Fixed building costs, so no budget blow outs.
  • You choose the exact home design that you want.
  • Can cost less than an extensive renovation.

How long can it take to build?

Timing for a knock down and rebuild project can vary depending on how long it takes to obtain necessary council demolition and building permits. Once you have approvals and your existing home has been demolished, Arden can complete construction in approximately 26 weeks from the time the concrete slab has been poured.

Does Arden build all over Melbourne?

We build in Melbourne’s south east growth corridor as well as to the west and north of the city. Contact us to check your exact location is covered.

Do I have to pay stamp duty on my new home?

No, stamp duty fees do not apply when knocking down and rebuilding a home on an existing site.

What are demolition costs and why do they vary?

The cost to demolish a home varies based on a number of factors, for example how much work’s involved, what sort of materials will be involved and how easily the site can be accessed. You can expect to pay between $9,000 and $20,000 when taking these factors into consideration.

Do I need a permit to demolish my existing home?

A demolition permit must be obtained from your local council prior to any works commencing and will be obtained by the demolisher on your behalf.

What do I need to obtain a permit?

To obtain a demolition permit, you will need to provide to council a copy of the Title, Plan of subdivision (Title plan) and Site plan of existing building.

How long does it take to demolish a house?

Once all the necessary permits have been obtained, demolition can be carried out in a matter of days, however the amount of time taken to complete will also depend on how big the house is and what is planned to salvage.

Do I have to disconnect all services?

All services such as electricity, drainage, gas and water supply, not only have to be disconnected but abolished. This means, for example, the removal of the electricity and gas meter. Arden can assist with the disconnection of services on your behalf.

Do I need approval to remove trees on my existing land?

These types of permits may be required from local council depending on the size and type of trees(s) and if there are any protection overlays in existence.

Do I need asset protection?

It is the responsibility of the owner to contact local council in relation to asset protection permits and if required, the demolisher will require a copy before works can commence. Asset protection provides cover for any damage incurred to council assets during demolition and construction.

What if my existing home has asbestos?

If your home requires asbestos removal, the demolisher will obtain a certificate to ensure its safe removal in accordance with requirements set down by the EPA and WorkSafe Victoria.

What’s involved in site preparation?

Before construction can commence on your existing site, Arden will engage a Surveyor to determine certain features of your block – this includes the location of services, fences, trees, pits, soil classification and slope. The information obtained is analysed to assist with the preparation of your site costs.

What is a soil test?

The type of soil determines how your house must be built. The key reason for soil testing is to establish how likely it is that the soil will move, expand and contract with different levels of moisture content. Arden will organise for an engineer to conduct a soil test to establish the best type of foundation for your new home to suit the soil type.

What is a site feature survey?

This is the process of creating a scale drawing of your site depicting easements, fall on the land, service connection points and other pre-existing features.

What is a re-establishment survey?

This is done to identify the right boundaries of your land. Arden will organise for a licensed surveyor to conduct a re-establishment survey prior to construction.

How do I start?

By contacting Arden Homes. We are knock down and rebuild specialists with a team of experienced new home consultants who can help you get started on your knock down and rebuild project today.

If you have further questions relating to knockdown and rebuild please contact Arden Homes on 03 8787 1300 or send us an email.

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