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At Arden Homes, we believe that achieving your dream home should not be fraught with industry jargon and financial or legal confusion. We have developed a simple eight step purchase process to ensure the experience is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Step 1: Choose a design

Visit one of our display locations for a detailed tour of our homes. An experienced New Home Consultant will explain the numerous features, inclusions and design benefits of an Arden designer home.

Once you’ve chosen a design, your New Home Consultant will determine if the design fits on your block of land and work out the best aspect for your new home.

Step 2 – Initial deposit

Paying a deposit will commence a series of actions to get your journey underway.

When you’ve made a final decision on design, you’ll be asked to pay an initial instalment of $1,500 to commence a site feasibility, preparation of plans and your initial quote. This amount will be credited to your new home account.

Unlike other builders, Arden offers real design flexibility so this is the time when you are able to add your own personal touch and advise of any changes required.

Step 3 – Plan personalisation

At the time of paying your initial deposit, your New Home Consultant will arrange an appointment to present your initial plans and quote. This is an exciting time and an opportunity to see your changes and our design expertise come together. At this point, we will finalise your preliminary paperwork and submit a file with all your new home information to our head office team.

Note: Design amendments are limited to two rounds of changes at this point in the process, however further changes can be submitted at the new home tender stage (step 5).

Step 4 – Colour selections

Once we have receieved your approved paperwork at head office, a further appointment will be scheduled with one of our Interior Designers. This is where you decide on interior and exterior materials, colours and finishes and any upgrades you might require. Be prepared for this appointment by doing all your research prior and having a clear idea of your style and preferences. We will guide you through the design guidelines of any estate you might be building in.

Step 5 – New Home Tender

A new home tender is basically a summary document that provides an opportunity for you to check that all requests have been included before approving your building agreement.

We meet with you to present details relating to site costs (including anything that arose in the site inspection and soil test), design changes, floorplan changes, colour selections and upgrades. This is also the time for you to add any last-minute items.

At this meeting, upon acceptance of your new home tender, a further payment of $5,000 is required so we can proceed to final plans and preparation of your building agreement. This further amount paid is deducted from your new home price.

Step 6 – Contract signing

Your next appointment is when we present the building agreement to you. We explain in detail the process leading up to and during construction. The balance of deposit, which is 5% of the total contract less monies already paid, is payable at this time.

Step 7 – Permits and approvals

The final stage before construction can commence is for Arden to obtain relevant permits and approvals. It is also the time when Arden finalises the construction drawings, determines any specific Council requirements and (if building in a new estate) submits the plans to the estate’s design review panel. You will also need to supply written confirmation from your finance provider that funds are ready to be released for the construction progress payments. You will also need to ensure your block is clear and ready for construction.

Step 8 – Progress payments

Once construction begins and throughout the building process, you will be required to make progress payments at specific stages of construction.

There are 6 (six) payments to be made (in accordance with the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) standard contract terms):

Initial deposit – 5% of the total contract
Base (slab) stage – 10%
Frame stage – 15%
Lock up – 35%
Fixing stage – 25%
Practical completion – 10%
We can help get you started
At Arden, we believe intelligent architecture, stunning interior design and carefully selected standard inclusions can create a new level of affordable housing luxury. And we’ve got Melbourne covered. North, south, east, west and Geelong – we specialise in building new homes in new land estates as well as knock down and rebuild in established suburbs.

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