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8 simple steps to purchase

At Arden Homes, we believe that achieving your dream home should not be fraught with industry jargon and financial or legal confusion. We have developed a simple eight step purchase process to ensure the experience is as smooth and stress free as possible. Step 1: Choose a design Visit one of our display locations for […]

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How to move in, the easy way

Your brand new Arden home is finished and it’s time to move in! To ensure the moving process goes smoothly, there are certain things you need to take care of before you book the removalist. Prepare to move During the weeks preceding handover of your new home, there are a number of things to do […]

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Site costs explained

When building an Arden home, we will always be up front and transparent about your site costs. Here we explain what site costs are, why they vary and provide insight to how they’re calculated. What are site costs? To prepare a site for construction, there are two key areas of preparation that attribute to overall […]

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The role of a conveyancer when buying land

You will need legal representation to help with the conveyancing process when buying a block of land. Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of property from one person to another. There are two types of conveyancing professionals: Real estate conveyancer. Solicitor who specialises in conveyancing. Deciding which to use is really up […]

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Top 10 considerations when buying land

When buying land in a new estate, depending upon how advanced the new estate is (in some cases roads may still be under construction which means access will be limited), a model in the sales centre may be the only visual aspect you see to base your purchase selection. In this scenario it’s important to […]

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Construction phases of building a new home

The construction process of building a new home involves two key phases: 1. Pre-construction phase. This phase includes drawing of the plans, finalising contracts, securing finance and obtaining a building permit and planning approvals. This period takes approximately 16 weeks, depending on the size of the design chosen. 2. Construction phase. This is the actual […]

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