The role of a conveyancer when buying land

You will need legal representation to help with the conveyancing process when buying a block of land. Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of property from one person to another.

Top 10 considerations when buying land

Regardless of where you’re buying land, there are certain considerations to account for when choosing the perfect block.

What are design guidelines?

When building in a new estate you will have to adhere to certain design guidelines, created by the developer to achieve a certain look and feel or to enhance the natural environment.

Glossary – building terminology

Find definitions for commonly used building terminology.

Questions to ask when buying land in a new estate [eBook]

Ensure you know the right questions to ask before committing to purchase. We provide a list of 40 important questions to help gather relevant information about the estate, block of land, purchase process and more.