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Dean Morrison - November 10, 2017

Sleep easy knowing your mattress is stored well while your home is under construction. Storage experts, Kent Storage, are back to offer some very helpful tips and tricks for storing your mattress.

Placing your mattress in storage is not as easy as you might think. You need expert knowledge to make sure your mattress stays in perfect condition while you’re building.

The experts at Kent Storage have been storing mattresses of Aussie families for 70 years. During that time, they’ve discovered all the secrets to keep your mattress safe.

First Step: Cleaning

Never store anything that is dirty. It’s vital that you clean your mattress thoroughly before you place it in storage. Your mattress collects a lot of dust and dirt and this will only multiply during storage. So, grab a vacuum and some upholstery cleaner and make sure it is spick and span before you wrap it.

Invest in Good Materials

The best way to store your mattress is to invest in a breathable, plastic mattress wrap. This wrap will repel dirt, dust and pests while still allowing the mattress to breath enough that it won’t get musty or mouldy. Throwing some sheets over your mattress won’t provide the protection you need so protect your investment by investing in a quality mattress wrap.

Learn Your Wrapping Technique

So, you’ve got the mattress wrap and now you need to know how to use it. The technique isn’t very complex but you have to get it right. You need to wrap from top to bottom and back to front. It’s important to apply enough pressure to remove air while not wrapping so tightly that you warp the shape of your mattress.

Never Store a Mattress on Its Side or Edge

This is perhaps the most vital piece of advice there is when it comes to storing a mattress. You may be tempted to place it on its side or edge to save space but this will damage the internal spring structure of your mattress and completely ruin it.

Finding the Right Space

When it comes to finding a storage space within your home you have to be careful. The usual storage spaces such as attics, garages and basements are all unsuitable for storing mattresses. Humidity and moisture will destroy your mattress, so you need to find a dry place with a consistent temperature.

Consider a Professional Space

Finding a dry, climate controlled space with enough room for you to lay your mattress on its back may be difficult. So, if your house doesn’t have the space to cater to your needs, consider a professional storage space. It’s well worth investing in a storage space to ensure you don’t have to replace your mattress once the renovation or build is complete.

Kent Storage has become a leader in the storage industry, through outstanding customer service and ability to ensure customer’s belongings get the first-class treatment they deserve.

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