Just by clicking on this page, you have taken the first steps on an exciting journey.

We would really like you to understand why Arden is different. For example:

  • All Arden Aspire homes are architect influenced.
  • Limited number of homes built.
  • Luxury inclusions.
  • Up-front pricing of display inclusions.
  • Small customer focussed company.
  • Design flexibility.

We suggest you study our website and literature, talk to our sales people and then step inside an Arden display home. Take note of your first impressions - the feeling of space and light, the flow of rooms, the use of sun courts and the choice of inclusions, fittings and materials. But remember to balance head and heart.

Ask questions, compare inclusions, discuss extras and understand the real value of what you are getting for your money. Above all, enjoy the process from start to finish: from web browsing to final inspection. And note the date - today marks the first day of your new life with Arden Homes.