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Display homes for sale in Melbourne

Looking for a unique, lucrative and safe investment opportunity?

Buying a display home comes with a whole range of amazing benefits.

Our display homes located across Melbourne and Geelong are built to impress, with premium inclusions and stunning upgrades.

You can purchase a home on an attractive leaseback of 7% per annum. We will rent the property back from you at a competitive rental rate that immediately reduces your mortgage while you take comfort in a secure tenant.

Once the display period is over, either move in to your beautiful new home, sell or continue to rent it out.


How to buy a display village house

1. Browse our display homes and choose the one you love.

2. Buy your home without any of the cost and fuss of searching, appraisals and auctions.

3. Pay your mortgage off without having to do anything.

4. When the display period ends the home is yours to do with as you please.

Check out our HOMES FOR SALE and speak to one of our NEW HOME CONSULTANTS today for more details

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