Modern twist on some DIY ideas for Christmas

At Arden, we do offer fireplaces in our homes - but we also know that Santa’s a busy guy and may not have the time to go clambering in and out of every chimney in Australia.

However, we’re sure he’ll find an easier way to slip into our architect-influenced homes this Christmas – especially if you can whip up a little decorative DIY festive cheer to help point the way.

Benefits of living in an Aquarevo community

We’ve always prided ourselves on being ahead of the curve on incorporating sustainability features in the homes we build, particularly when it comes to cutting-edge solar power options.

Best reasons to buy to build before the end of the year

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner – let alone 2018.

But if you were hoping that this would be the year that you’d finally buy your own home, there’s still time to act.