Introducing Lumina by Arden

When you’re choosing your ideal home, you want something that feels truly yours – not just a carbon copy of every other home on the block.

However most of us also want a home that’s within our means, where we can relax and maximise time spent with our families and friends. We’ve been listening hard to our customers. And they’ve been telling us they want style and quality, without breaking the bank.

What to expect at your colour selection meetings

Once you have agreed on your new home, you need to prepare for the selection process. This is where you make all the decisions about your home from exterior appearance right down to cabinetry handles. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll be working with highly experienced interior designers over a one day meeting, with an introductory meeting to see our great range of inclusions beforehand.

Which should come first - your house or land?

The Herald Sun article we posted on our Facebook page recently is a great starting place to get you thinking about the process of buying your house and land.

But at Arden we believe that your first step should be to find the right house for you. Not just for now, but for the years ahead as your family grows and life changes.